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  • On 14 May 2019 the ApprEnt project consortium organised an open online consultation on the draft policy recommendations prepared in the framework of the project, designed to promote apprenticeships and work-based learning schemes at Higher Education level.

National Valorisation Events

The National Valorisation events of ApprEnt have taken place in September-October 2019. Eight different activities were programmed in 7 countries (AT, EE, ES, FI, FR, IT and PT) bringing together the HE sector and the world of enterprises to present the ApprEnt final tools and to open discussion about the relevance and use of these materials.

In countries like Spain, where the full HE apprenticeship programmes are still in an early stage, the participation and the discussion in the seminars were very good and the tools very well received. Many participants highlighted the suitability of the tools, that would be of great help to them in the development phase of this kind of schemes.

Over 200 professionals from key stakeholder organisations, including not only HEIs and SMEs but also regional authorities and trade unions have attended these events.

Presentation of the project in events

  • JUNE 2018: ApprEnt was presented during eucen‘s 50th conference in Bergen (NO). Francesca Uras from eucen presented a poster in plenary session focused on how apprenticeship programmes can enable professional transitions to students undertaking these courses on behalf of the consortium
  • JUNE 2018: ApprEnt was presented in a dedicated workshop with around 100 participants during the 3rd International Congress on Vocational and Professional Education and Training in Winterthur (CH). Isabell Grundschobel from Danube University Krems presented the project and its aim to support the connection and collaboration between higher education and companies on behalf of the consortium
  • APRIL 2018: ApprEnt was presented in a parallel session during the RUEPEP’s conference in Madrid (ES).
    RUEPEP is the Spanish network of ULLL institutions. Carme Royo (right) from eucen and María José Díaz (centre) from Universidad Complutense de Madrid (ES) presented ApprEnt in this conference to the Spanish audience on behalf of the consortium
  • NOVEMBER 2017: ApprEnt was presented during the eucen 2017 Autumn Seminar. Carme Royo from eucen presented a poster in plenary session on behalf of the consortium. This poster was focused in how apprenticeship programmes can help reducing unemployment and can be a source of finance for institutions offering such model