About ApprEnt

Aims and objectives of the project

  • Strengthen and expand UCE-activities in cooperation with the regional economy
  • Foster knowledge transfer and experience based learning
  • Maximise peer-learning, transnationally and within each partner country
  • Implement staff development workshops for in-enterprises trainers/supervisors and for HE tutors/trainers, designed to support them in working with apprentices and based on an existing successful model
  • Promote regional pilot projects in close cooperation with enterprises and regional partners
  • Document and compare the different approaches and results
  • Share and discuss roadmaps at national / European conferences with experts of Vocational Training, Professional and Higher Education as well as other umbrella organisations

Final Products

  • Generic prototype of training model
  • Template model agreement
  • Advocacy pack including lines of action addressed to 5 different target groups: education stakeholders, enterprises, public authorities, learners and mentors/supervisors
  • Policy paper with recommendations

Visit the section “Tools” for access to these materials.

Target groups

  • Workers, managers, employers of SME
  • Trainers within enterprises and VET-institutions
  • Teachers of VET
  • Lecturers of higher education
  • Lecturers of teachers’ education
  • Mentors and supervisors of dual studies programmes
  • Public bodies representatives
  • Learners

Project Impact envisaged on partnerships

  • Strengthening and developing cooperation between higher VET providers and enterprises
  • Promoting exchanges between stakeholders involved in different formats of work-based learning suiting the target groups (integrating knowledge and experience-based learning)
  • Comparison of different implementation-strategies and cooperation-requirements (change management)
  • Strategy discussions particularly with multiplier-experts to speed-up sustainability (roadmaps)
  • Promoting the establishment of new apprenticeship and work-based learning schemes, or reinforcing existing ones

Processes undertaken to enable the development of the final ApprEnt tools

Visit the tools section to download all the final products of ApprEnt.