A. Initial preparatory phase

B. Implementation phase

Work at national level:

  • Collection of best practices from 32 case studies
  • National focus group discussions and reports
  • Transversal comparison of the best practices collected


  • Learning Workshop in Brest
  • National workshops
  • Prototype course for training HE staff and SME supervisors of apprentices (in EN)
  • Adapted courses in FR, AT, EE, PT, FI, IT and ES

Policy development:

  • Model agreement
  • Online consultation
  • Policy paper
  • Advocacy pack in four versions: for HEIs, for policy makers, for SMEs and for potential students

C. Other open activities

  • National final events in FR, AT, EE, PT, FI, IT and ES
  • Multiplier meeting in Barcelona
  • Presentation of the project at different conferences