Mentors (SMEs/Enterprises) and supervisors (HEIs) are often appointed to do this job without much briefing. They are individual with experience in the field of the apprenticeship post. However, helping apprenticeship students is not so easy, never mind when it also involves liaising with your counterpart (the other mentor or the supervisor).

The ApprEnt project will design a prototype training course for mentors and/or supervisors of apprenticeship students. The idea is to explain to the mentors / supervisors the key points of their task and why is so important. This will be done through an introduction and 6 modules that can be modified/adapted to the needs of each individual and the time that he/she has available. The prototype will give users a list of activities and expected Learning Outcomes for each module. The activities will have identified resources.

All in all, a tool flexible enough to be adapted to each case’s needs!

This tool will be available in this site in the following weeks.